✨ Late Autumn insights from Catalyst Romania; November and December wrap-up ✨

As we find ourselves in the festive spirit of December, it’s hard to believe that we’ve arrived at the last chapter of this eventful year. At Catalyst Romania, we are eager to take a moment to pause, reflect, and rewind the tape to revisit the memorable moments that shaped our November and enjoy December, when things are all about the festive season…but not only!

November has been a month filled with challenges and exciting developments. As we approach the end of 2023, we find it appropriate to share with you the projects we or our partners have worked on.

🚀 Romanian Venture Forum -Second Edition took place on the 22nd of November 🚀

The Romanian Venture Forum has emerged as a pivotal environment for fostering innovation, connecting entrepreneurs with investors, and promoting the growth of the startup ecosystem in Romania. Organized by Catalyst Romania in collaboration with CONAF and ROPEA, the recently concluded second edition of the Romanian Venture Forum event demonstrated that the Romanian entrepreneurial spirit is growing, as well as the investors’ interest to fund innovative projects.

The panels at the second edition of the Romanian Venture Forum were a dynamic and insightful highlight of the event, bringing together experts, entrepreneurs, and investors to explore the latest trends and challenges in the venture capital landscape. Covering a diverse range of topics, from the use of AI in the various industries to the challenges that companies and entrepreneurs face in 2023 and beyond, the panels delved into crucial aspects of the startup ecosystem, including funding strategies, emerging technologies and market trends.

An essential aspect of any event is the networking opportunity it offers, and the Rmanian Venture Forum excelled in this regard. Entrepreneurs had the chance to engage with potential investors, industry experts, and fellow innovators. The informal interactions during coffee breaks and networking sessions facilitated meaningful connections, offering a collaborative environment that extends beyond the event itself. More details here.

🐯 The premiere of a long-awaited documentary: “Romanian StartUps: The Roaring Tigers of Europe” 🐯

Marius Ghenea, a well-known figure in the Romanian business and startup ecosystem and our colleague at Catalyst Romania, played a significant role in the newest startup documentary, “Romanian StartUps: The Roaring Tigers of Europe”. In this documentary, he is depicted as an entrepreneur who has paved the way, through hard and constant work, for the younger generations. 

His inclusion in the documentary emphasizes his influential contributions and expertise in the field. As an entrepreneur and investor, Marius Ghenea provided valuable insights and perspectives, contributing to the film’s exploration of the vibrant startup landscape in Romania. His presence in Start-Up.ro’s documentary not only highlights his individual success but also serves as a testimony to the broader impact of Catalyst Romania in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the region.

👥 Jumpstart your equity management capabilities with Nimity 👥

In the startup investment world, there are lots of solutions and education tools tackling the investment selection process, decision-making, due diligence and portfolio diversification. But what happens afterwards? The biggest impact on a successful investment is how investors and startups alike manage their capital and equity.

Nimity, developed by our portfolio company SeedBlink, designed a streamlined equity management solution for companies and their stakeholders. It provides a suite of helpful tools for managing portfolios, cap tables, employee stock option plans (ESOPs) and investor relations with ease and efficiency. 

While this is free for investors, Nimity wants to contribute to companies’ success in 2024 with a special offer: a lifetime 50% discount on all yearly plans, together with services such as ESOP design, full set up of your company in Nimity, and a financing assessment, only this December.

Get started with Nimity now.

✈️ Vola reunites families through the “Acasă regăsit” campaign ✈️

In a powerful commitment to the profound significance of family unity, Vola in collaboration with The Social Incubator organization have been working on and are currently unfolding the ”Acasă Regăsit” project, recognizing the crucial role families play in our lives. This initiative takes on heightened importance, particularly during holidays, as it seeks to reunite families which were separated due to economical factors. 

With a heartfelt dedication to praising togetherness, ”Acasă Regăsit” not only addresses financial struggles but also endeavors to ensure that families can share the warmth and joy of holidays side by side. By actively working to rebuild these vital connections, Vola is extending a meaningful and timely gesture, reinforcing the idea that, especially during festive seasons, families should be together to experience the love and support that form the foundation of cherished memories.

⚙️ Code of Talent hits important product milestone, and it’s all about AI ⚙️

The latest update from Code of Talent AI just set to be released this December will be introducing a significant enhancement to the platform. This update integrates three powerful microlearning creation approaches, empowering corporate L&D departments to author and deliver training programs for their teams with minimal effort and time. Here’s an overview of the three training design approaches:

  • Start from a Topic: Users can initiate the microlearning creation process by inputting a training topic where they can further tailor and personalize the learning experience. Customization options include entering specific information related to the subject, audience profile, skills to be developed, and focal goals, ensuring a more targeted and effective training experience.
  • Start from a File Upload: Alternatively, users can jumpstart the microlearning journey by uploading a text-based file. Code of Talent AI leverages its best practices and methodology to autonomously craft a microlearning journey based on the content provided in the file. This approach offers the capability to transform static knowledge into an engaging and effective learning process.
  • Start from Scratch Creation: For users who prefer a hands-on approach, the platform provides a user-friendly set of tools to build a microlearning journey from the ground up. This approach combines simplicity and diversity, enabling users to design a well-structured, gamified microlearning journey with complete creative freedom. 

Get started here!

📈 New Investment for our colleagues at  3TS Capital Partners 📈

JENTIS, a leader in next-gen data capture technology, announced that it raised €11 million in a Series A funding round led by Bright Pixel (former Sonae IM) and 3TS Capital Partners, with participation by existing investor Pragmatech Ventures. JENTIS is an Austrian scale-up specializing in advanced server-side web tracking and data protection technologies, which empowers businesses to own and control their web data capture independently of third parties, while enabling compliance with GDPR and other global data protection regulations. Its breakthrough technology enables radically improved data accuracy for business insights while complying with privacy regulations worldwide.

Now, as the holiday season is upon us, we wanted to take a moment to wish you a very Merry Christmas full of joy and a Happy New Year!

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